Blogpost 3 : Will Machines replace Human one day ?


In the modern world, technology has been improving in a fast pace and it has been replacing a lot of human processes, such as production, manufacturing, etc. Technology really brings a lot of convenience to our daily life.
Recent years, Natural Language Processing (NLP), a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been growing rapidly and we are widely using it on our daily life.  For example, online translation aids people to communicate with others when they encounter language barriers,  speech-to-text conversion saves people’s time in typing, facial recognition for identification, etc.

Few years ago, people do not believe that the microphone in the smart phone can help us to do speech-to-text conversion as well as vice versa. This is now it happens and people are greatly relying on this great invention. To develop a better user experience, experts are working on NLP to understand more about human’s way of verbal communication through speech recognition and improving the grammatical error in different conversions.

Developing different aspects of AI,  people now encapsulated the idea that sooner or later machines could be taught to learn how to adapt by themselves one day. So, how big will this technology grow? Will machines replace human one day? No one knows and the benefits can be infinite. How smart can technology be and how well it can help we human, it all depends on us, the future generation of this great technology world.


[1] Why Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our World And Why It Needs To Be Purposeful (

[2] Natural Learning (


13 thoughts on “Blogpost 3 : Will Machines replace Human one day ?

  1. kristawwn says:

    Automation was considered good but humans are still a very essential part of the process, such as managing the unpredictable is one of interesting and amazing human capabilities. So I believe that the future we are moving into along with our machine teammates. Machines will not replace us but work with us, such as customer service need to resolve case by case and contains unpredictable situation. One size fit all model does not apply. Thus, human can solve them the first time they appear and then consolidating the process into the system.


  2. cheunglokin says:

    I agreed with what Krista said that machines will not replace us. I have watched a TED talk “Can Computer Write Poetry?” which is given by Oscar Schwartz. He believed that computer only works like a mirror which reflects the ideas of a human that we have shown to it. I do agree with him since the computers cannot create things and they don’t have emotions. If we didn’t input any data into it, it can’t generate new stuff to us. They could only do mix and match and try to pretend they have got something “new”. I think what machines are better than us is they have a strong memory than us.
    Last but not least, here is the link of the TED talk that I have mentioned above,


  3. lanselott says:

    One difference between people and machine is that the machine does not have the self awareness, which means they can not create the new idea or new information. What they perform are all depends on the algorithm people designed.
    In other words, machines do not know what they did. Just like a state machine, if there is no input, no output.
    Machine is just the implementation of the logic, we completely do not need to worry about this problem.


  4. tommyierg3320 says:

    Thanks for sharing. After reading your post and three comments by other classmates above, I think that machine cannot replace human. Although machines replaced human that helped us a lot in production industry, machines are still controlled by human. We need to send commands to make the machines work while machines cannot work by themselves as machines have no mindset and no thinking. Therefore, unless human can create a machine that have his own mind, can self-learning and thinking like human, I think human will definitely cannot be be replaced by machine.


  5. ierg3320tina says:

    As far as I am concerned, it is possible that machines will replace human one day if we lose the control of them. Although machines can only perform limited functions at present, they will be much powerful in the future once we teach them to learn like a human. Then, it will enrich knowledge by itself without our control. Someone believes that machine does not have self awareness and all its operations depend on human input. However, what if one day it is given the ability to grow up on its own? Since we want machines to perform as a human in many cases, they are taught to imitate human thinking. Once the neural network technology enables machine to be smart enough to threaten the existence of human, it will be too late for us to stop the exploration. Therefore, besides seeing the advantages it brings us, we should regard this technology with reverence.


  6. terryhungierg3320 says:

    Thank you for your sharing. It is a very interesting article. I think that machine cannot replace human in the future as we will use those machines to service human. Some people may think human is clever than machine so that they cannot replace us. However, after reading news, I think the knowledge or the wisdom of the machine will surpass human one day.
    It is argued that machine just depend on algorithm. Human created those algorithms. Thus, human is clever than a machine. However, due to two reasons, machine can surpass human in the future.
    1. Big data analysis: In this century, Artificial Intelligence(AI) program will collect huge of information for data analysis. Take AlphaGo as an example, it collected a lot of data related to Go. Therefore, it can predict that which step would be the best choose and win the match. Finally, we knew that it won many well-known and professional Go players.
    2. Emotion affects decision: Due to different emotions, human will make different decisions. Therefore, we cannot always make a best solution. However, machine does not have any emotion. It can always make a better solution.
    Lastly, I would like to share the following news to all of you as a reference.


  7. tangwingyee says:

    Thank you for your sharing. This is a very interesting question. Machines have served a great extent in these years and we can foresee that they will be involved even more in the future. Will machine surpass human in the future?
    Some say machine does not have emotions like humans, and they cannot make decisions in a considerate way like humans do. However, it also gives an advantage that the decision machines make can be completely rational.
    Some say that machines cannot make prediction. However, big data analysis has been raised in this century. It is useful to predict future trend by analysing the data in hands.
    In my opinion, humans do invent machines. However, we should not depend on it too much that we loose our ability to control it. We should be aware of this so that we can use machine to make our lives more convenient but at the same time not allowing it to surpass us.


  8. atot0907 says:

    The advancement of technology is indeed a double-edged sword, it made our lives more convenient but it somehow is also dumbing us down. There is definitely a possibility that technology would replace humans in certain aspects but I doubt whether it could fully replace all human beings. The uniqueness of human beings is our creativity. Take daily language as an example, slangs are created everyday and this is something that machines would not be able to do so. It would be terrifying if machines could think and act like people.


  9. meinym says:

    Yes, thinking machines will replace most if not all human workers.
    It is has been happening for decades, it is accelerating and it will complete within 100 – 200 years. Perhaps 75% of the jobs will be gone in 50 years.
    No existing or future job without exception is safe simply because computers are general purpose thinking machine smarter, less error prone and more creative than humans in the long run.


  10. lyc3320 says:

    Thank you for your sharing. I think whether machines will replace human one day is a question that worth discuss.
    There is a critical difference in human and AIs, i.e., human have feelings while AIs don’t. Also, AIs follow instructions and programs but human thinks and takes action on their own. So, I don’t think machines can replace human.
    However, I think it is necessary for us to take precautions on AIs being too “human”.
    There was a movie, named “I, Robot”. In the movie, AIs are widely used and it is a great part of human’s live. Human trusts the AIs and AIs are considered as their family. Spooner, a detective, is being hunted by a group of AIs while he is investigating a crime. Though it turns out the AIs are trying to save humans, it is still an alert to us.


  11. 1155048001blog says:

    I think we need to think about it is really a good thing that machine replace human. For sure, technology provides a lot of convenience in our daily life. However, if we replace human by machine, then what can human do? We need to balance the workforce, we need manpower, we need to let them work in order they can have income. We should treat machine as tools to increase our productivity but not replacing us.


  12. andytangsite says:

    I think whether machines will replace human one day is a question that is closely related to whether you think human is acting due to his/her self conscious or purely past experience (i.e. whether human have self conscious). I personally think that every decision of human is based on his/her experience, thus when AI accumulated enough data and experience, it may replace human.


  13. swyyuen715 says:

    In my own opinion, I believe human cannot be replaced by machine. It is because I believe there will always be some new “elements” appear in the World, and human have the ability to learn and adapt the new “elements”. However, machine can only learn from previous knowledge, and lacks the ability to adapt new things.


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